kellaa zwo - a Wave about 2 Rise (Prelude)
23 out of 150 (DE1: 18/50 - DE2: 5/100)

STR - Space Travel Radio

Music for Star Citizens

Welcome to STR, the exploration of sound for Star Citizens.
This web radio is a "Star Citizen" fan project by the german clan "Fraggers aus Leidenschaft", FaL-Clan.
The playlist contains some nice ambient, chillout and soundtrack tunes. Specially compiled for your space trip.
To boldly cast where no man has casted before... ;)

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STR - Musik für Sternenbürger

entspannte Klänge für Raumreisende

Willkommen bei STR, das Webradio für Star Citizen Spieler.
Dieses Webradio ist ein Fanprojekt zum Spiel "Star Citizen", geführt vom deutschen Funclan "Fraggers aus Leidenschaft".
Die Playliste beinhaltet ausgesuchte Soundtrack-, Ambient-, Chillout-Sounds. Speziell zusammengestellt für Deine Reise durchs All.

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kellaa zwo - a Wave about 2 Rise (Prelude)

Time CET: Last tracks played:
21:41:03 kellaa zwo - a Wave about 2 Rise (Prelude)
21:33:48 Siebzehn - Endless Reflections (Cosmic Replicant Remix)
21:23:36 kellaa zwo - Even Space Invaders like 2 chill
21:14:29 Kellaa Zwo - Space Music (x10ded Chillectro Mix)
21:10:40 Neophyt - The Day You Left
21:06:25 Chill Carrier - Sailing on Sunrays
21:03:04 DJ Answer - Angels Whispers
20:59:22 Uksuss - Mea Culpa
20:53:30 School Of Crystal Healing - Merge (Violette Light Mix)
20:50:52 Fernando Pepe - Rogue Squadron (Star Citizen - An Unofficial Soundtrack)
20:41:51 Synchronic Beat - Leaving The Planet
20:38:47 Malukah - Frozen Sleep (Halo 4 Cortana Tribute)
20:34:57 Hum - Katia Loves Cake
20:28:46 Slow Tact - Atmosphere
20:21:48 Cosmic Replicant - Wake Up
20:19:52 Kevin MacLeod - Deep Haze
20:12:39 kellaa zwo - Last Dance of the golden Leaves
20:06:42 Akkar - Океан
19:58:05 Brunette Models - Fly with me Margo
19:51:23 Bobsharky - Ocean 2149 (Ambient Mix)